Here’s what people are saying…

Expert Fundraiser, Team Builder & Board Facilitator

As a board member, board president, chair of our capital campaign committee and member of development, finance and executive committees, I have worked with Jeanine for 8 years. We have planned, strategized, organized, traveled and fundraised together for all of that time. She has been, in the face of some very large obstacles, one of the most consistently positive individuals I have ever known. Whether we got bloodied or found success on a call, it didn’t matter…she was always upbeat. A true joy to work with, Jeanine has a special gift of keeping all of us as volunteers motivated and consistently achieving our fundraising and organizational goals.

Master Networker

Jeanine has an amazing ability to connect with people whether it’s a donor, a board member, an employee, a client or community leader. She has such a wonderful easy going presence about her and people gravitate towards that.

Team Builder

There’s a mutual respect and trust that people know what their jobs are and will get them done and that starts with you. You allow us to do what we need to do and trust that it will get done and get done well. You always check in to see how things are going, but in no way do you micromanage. If you see something that needs to be done differently or better you will point it out, but you do it in such a way as to make your point without being condescending and give the person the opportunity to fix it. You also genuinely care about everyone at the school and you take the time to check in and see how people are doing. I have never worked on a team with so much respect and accomplishment – thank you.

Strategic Planner & Implementer

We are truly grateful for Jeanine’s leadership of the Music School over the past 10 years, “ said Dennis Haley, chair of the Board of Directors. “Under Jeanine’s tenure, the school has grown immensely, we have served thousands of children through music, and we have developed incredible relationships with supporters across our community. She will be greatly missed.

Board Facilitator and Team Builder

Inclusion, communication, forward thinking…just a few elements of how Jeanine builds effective teams that accomplish great things.

Transformational Leadership

What a transformation from just a few years ago! Now there is an integrated and purposeful quality combined with the warmth and friendly feel. Manchester Community Music School has truly come of age – it is professional, welcoming, a great asset to the artistic community – and to all of Manchester. Bravo! You are serving all of our community very well indeed.