Jeanine works with her clients in many different capacities. She empowers nonprofits, businesses and the people who make the magic happen at these organizations.

CEO Coaching

As former nonprofit CEO, Jeanine understands the diverse challenges that today’s CEOs are facing. Jeanine can work with you to address a multitude of issues from being the chief fundraiser, to empowering your staff, to building an effective board, to becoming an engaging public speaker and more. She can provide guidance to help you be a happy, balanced, successful CEO leading your organization to greatness.

Development Advising and Assessment

Having run several development programs and offices, Jeanine can help organizations bring their development and fundraising to the next level…or give them a strong start on their journey of fundraising. Jeanine will work with your team to develop a solid development plan, a diverse donor base and excellent methods of raising funds.

Major Donor Development

Building relationships with major donors is an extremely important aspect of a successful development program. Jeanine can work with everyone on the team – from the development staff to the board of directors – to grow a successful long-term major donor program.

Capital Campaign Services

Is your organization ready for a capital campaign? Jeanine can help you determine that. She can also conduct feasibility studies to ascertain the potential commitment from donors in your community to your campaign, assess those findings and provide solid analysis and recommendations. When you are ready to start the campaign, Jeanine can work with your board of directors and campaign committee to run a successful capital campaign – from collateral materials, donor development, making the ask, from the quiet phase to the public phase to the celebration.

Strategic Planning

Raising money is all well and good, but everyone in your organization has to share the same vision of what those resources will accomplish. Jeanine will work with your board, staff and key community stakeholders to help craft the right strategic plan for your organization.

Staff Team Building

Having a strong, management and staff team in place is crucial to the success of any organization. Jeanine will work with your team to build towards a central vision, coach the team to generate a solid plan of work and action, creating lasting connections among team members and generating and maintaining a happy and healthy work environment for everyone.

Board of Directors Team Building

Jeanine can help you empower your board of directors to work together to achieve the mission of your organization. She has proven techniques to empower board members to become excellent fundraisers and ambassadors. Jeanine specializes in working with boards through retreats, development training, staff and board connectivity and strategic planning.

Philanthropy for Donors and Businesses

If you are a donor or corporation and need guidance on how to effectively give donations to nonprofits that align with your heart and mission, Jeanine can provide services to help you choose the right organizations to align with your giving priorities. Jeanine can work with individual donors and can also manage corporate philanthropy programs.

Community Music Schools and Arts Organizations

While Jeanine can work with any nonprofit, she has extensive experience with arts organizations. As a leader and transformer of the Manchester Community Music School for ten years, she can help arts organizations and community art schools with donor advisement, staff development, board facilitation, strategic planning and effective management on many levels.