About Jeanine & Company

As an expert fundraiser, highly successfully team builder and strategic networker, Jeanine has nearly 30 years experience empowering organizations and people to achieve their best level of success. Jeanine has a passion for helping organizations accomplish their mission in the most effective way possible. Core to that achievement is a solid donor base, strong development program, excellent team dynamics and an empowered board and staff. Jeanine specializes in bringing all of these elements together in a harmonious fashion to let organizations soar to new heights. She can also focus in on any one aspect described above and help you concentrate on moving that to the next level.

Anyone will tell you that Jeanine is a very social person – and indeed she loves people! That is why networking and developing relationships comes so naturally to her. No matter what strategy is in place, Jeanine believes that success ultimately boils down to people helping (or giving to) people. In order to achieve that, people have to get to know each other and utilize their strategic connections for good. As a master networker, Jeanine is excited to help others learn how to meet new business acquaintances, develop sincere relationships for everyone’s benefit, and build connections that will bring organizations and people to greatness.

In 2014, Jeanine founded Jeanine & Company to share her expertise in fundraising, leadership and relationship building with nonprofits, businesses and people. Empowerment is the key in the mission of Jeanine & Company. Jeanine not only wants to share her knowledge, know how and can do attitude with her clients, but wants to empower them to keep building to greatness. Whether that is establishing outstanding fundraising and development programs, building incredible leadership teams and boards of directors, giving confidence and techniques for excellent networking, or shaping the future of an organization through strategic planning, Jeanine can give you and your organization the skills to grow tomorrow and well into the future.

You can learn more about Jeanine HERE but who is the “& Company?” The “& Company” is everyone who has been on Jeanine’s journey throughout her career and anyone who will be on her new journey. So if you are reading this bio and are thinking of working with Jeanine, you are part of the “& Company” – welcome!